Turkish Wrestling Federation (Türk Güres Federasyonu)

News about Turkish wrestling (Türk güres haber sitesi)

News from the world of wrestling (Turkish, some English) 

Website about Turkish Oil Wrestling and wrestlers past and persent (Francais, English, Türkce)

Website of Murat Boncuk, a  maker of the traditional leather wrestling pants (Kispet).  (kispetçi Murat Boncuk'un sitesi)

A site that features results and photos from the world of wrestling (gures sonuclari ve fotografcilik sitesi)

Site that sells videos of Turkish wrestling

Information about oil-wrestlers, tournaments and results (Pehlivbanlar, turnuvalar ve sonuçlar hakkında bilgi veren sayfa)

General information about Turkish oil-wrestling and information about the biggest tournament: Kirkpinar


Website about Başpehlivan Serhat Gökmen

Website about Başpehlivan Fatih Atli

Website about Başpehlivan Bayram Ertan


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